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Your brain has​ the ability to learn and grow as you age but for it to do so, you have to train it on a regular basis. We have found products and services to help you do just that. They include reading, exercises, games, mental challenges, nutritional supplements and so much more provided by companies that we’ve screened for you for ethical policies and practices, earth friendly products, and great prices! Check it out 

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Having a positive body image means having an honest and accurate perception of your body shape and appearance. We all need to feel good about the way we look. We also need to feel good about ourselves despite what the media says.

Be proud of the way you look and feel confident in your body. You’re beautiful and you deserve to feel beautiful! Click below to see the  variety of products to help you do that.

 Here’s to the beautiful you!

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Wherever we go our spirit goes with us. We all want to feel that our life has meaning and purpose.  We know many of you pursue some of the more non-traditional paths to finding your spirit - to enlightenment. You’re curious about who you are and how you exist in the world. You want to know about your strengths, your tendencies, your past, and of course, your future. We’ve found some of the latest alternative methods available on line. Check it out.

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Developing our personal style is a journey. Personal style is about showing who we are in the way we dress. It means daring to be ourselves and finding clothes and other products to help us reflect that. Celebrating our uniqueness adds to the beauty and diversity of this world.

The companies we've found are as unique and as diverse as we are. Here’s to finding your style. Your journey has begun. We’re hoping it will continue and we hope you'll enjoy what you find here.

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Home is the background for creating your life. It needs to be a retreat that embraces you and your family. Decisions about your home can affect sleep habits, energy levels, and overall physical and mental health.

Finding helpful information isn't easy when you're chasing toddlers, keeping track of teenagers, or trying to balance work and family.

Look here for the best products. Many of these companies were started by women. Women helping women - it's what we're all about!

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